Vitality At The Heart Of Autumn With Feng Shui

Seasonal Health 18 September 2021

As the summer draws to a close, it is time to prepare our cosy nest.

We take care of our interior to prepare for our future, our plans and those of our children, all in order to promote a good family relationship.

In the Autumn, we concentrate on the WESTERN and NORTH-WESTERN zones of our home.

We must take great care of these zones, to ensure that these spaces are tidy!


In order to encourage positive events, you must:


– Place lots of metal (in all but one room) and harmonise with the element Earth

– Place pictures of trees in bloom and drawings by your children

– Everything that represents your creativity, your hopes, your plans, etc.

– The colours of this zone are white, grey, silver and golden

– The number is 7: it is beneficial to display 7 objects together

– This space must be bright, preferably bathed in daylight

– This Western area of your home must be joyful and make you think of happiness as you imagine it, so think about what your paintings represent, their positioning, etc.

By activating the Western zone, you will activate your chance of having children, bring luck to and encourage children, and create a positive future for everyone living in your home.



– The element of this zone is also Metal, reinforced by the element Earth; the shapes are circles and squares

– The number is 6: it is beneficial to display 6 objects together

– The masculine zone, place some masculine representations

– Place some symbols of fortune and protection, such as the tortoise. Its benevolent side will bring peace and security to your home

– The outward looking zone, you can place a map of the world here. By activating the north-western zone, you will activate the help and protection of others. It is the zone of success!



– Take a compass

– Work out the orientations of your house

– And strengthen the WEST and NORTH-WEST zones


If you are unable to work out the orientation, you can contact a Feng Shui consultant who will help you create a cosy nest for this season.


We wish you a pleasant Autumn season with Feng Shui!