Autumn Box

Autumn begins the darker half of the year, which usually means lowered immunity, and possible variations of seasonal affective disorder. Boost both your mood and energy levels, support your immune system, do a seasonal cleanse and support your skin, hair and nails.

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Vegan set of supplements - 2 to 3 month supply
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Key Benefits

  • Reduce cholesterol levels and bloating whilst also reducing the build-up of fatty deposits in the blood vessels (Digestion Detox)
  • Support the production of serotonin levels to help elevate moods. (Vitality Balance)
  • Reduce fatigue as well as the severity and duration of colds when taken in the early stages of feeling unwell (Immunity Shield)
  • Help prevent oxidative stress whilst supporting collagen synthesis (Beauty Boost)

Key Ingredients

Beauty Boost: Horsetail Extract, Cystine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc

Digestion Detox: Fennel Fruit Extract, Taurine, Black Radish Root Extract, Broccoli Flowers Extract

Vitality Balance: Magnesium, Siberian Ginseng Root Extract, Passionflower (Aerial Parts) Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract

Immunity Shield: Purple Coneflower Root Extract, Elderflower Fruit Extract, Siberian Ginseng Root Extract, Vitamin C

Natural & Free From

We are committed to selecting the finest quality natural, environmentally-friendly and active plants, vitamins and minerals.

Hello Day products are based on ingredients such as natural vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • GMO free
  • No Nano Particles
  • TIO2 free
  • Preservative free
  • Natural ingredients only
  • Natural flavours & colours
  • Vegan

The perfect season to be mindful of your immune system as pesky coughs and colds become more prevalent and some people suffer with seasonal affective disorder symptoms as the days draw shorter. It is also a much tougher climate for our skin, hair and nails as the air is drier.

Lily Soutter



Questions? We have answers.

If you need further advice, please use our LIVE chat option or contact us on customer service:

Please take as part of a healthier way of life and not as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Never exceed the recommended daily dose. Do store in a cool, dry place, away from light and out of the reach of the young children.

  • What is the best way to take the Autumn Box? I understand that it is a two-month concept.

    For an optimum daily use of our Autumn Box, we recommend: Month 1: Start your day by taking your Vitality Balance (one tablet a day) in conjunction with your Beauty Boost (two tablets a day). The two treatments last about a month. Month 2: Once the first phase of the treatment is over, please start using your Immunity Shield to help you strengthen and boost your immune system. Please take one sachet a day, preferably in the morning. Dilute the powder in a small amount of water or in your favourite juice or smoothie. This treatment will last about three weeks. Please note that if the temperatures drop greatly at the start of the season or if you are subject to a cold or feeling poorly, you could start using Immunity Shield immediately to help support the immune system. In month 2, we also recommend taking the Digestion Detox as a way of gently cleansing in preparation for Winter, which can be tough on the digestive system.
  • Can I buy individual products from the Autumn Box?

    Yes, all products from the seasonal boxes are also sold separately. The seasonal boxes are a great way to discover your personal favourites, which can be taken year-round.
  • Why is your Autumn Box a two-month supply of supplements?

    Our seasonal boxes are designed to help you minimise the challenges associated with seasonal change, which tends to be the most difficult period of the season. Our two-month program is usually enough to help support your body and mind during this transition. If there is a particular product you really like or feel you need longer-term, you can order it separately.
  • How should I take your powder supplements?

    Our sachet powders are super versatile. They mix well in both room temperature and hot water. They are heat resistant and make an exceptional fruit tea as each powder has a wonderful flavour. They are delicious in freshly squeezed juice or as part of a smoothie. (We have some great smoothie recipes, just ask our customer service for them.) You can also mix them with your greek yogurt or your porridge oats. Adapt them to your lifestyle.
  • Does your Autumn Box come with free UK delivery?

    Yes, we are happy to offer free UK delivery on all our seasonal boxes.


Your wellbeing means everything to us!

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Donna Hudson | 2022-10-19 17:06:11

I was so happy to get this box again. I bought it myself last year and loved it. I wasn't going to 'treat' myself to one this year so my daughter surprised me with it. Its exactly what I need now. I'm so pleased. Thank God I have a nice daughter too.

Laura-Lee | 2022-07-11 14:36:38

Can I get this product now? It really is my favourite from your seasonal collection.

Virginie | 2021-10-26 09:17:50

I'm really enjoying your seasonal box. In fact, I've just placed an order for your vitality product. I found it very good.

Annie | 2021-10-19 11:41:11

I just got my box, it sure feels like the right time to start it. I don't have time for a cold this year.

Marni Campbell | 2021-09-28 10:59:06

I got your box as a present last month. I'll be honest, I think its beautiful packaged but I didn't expect to get much from it. Boy I was wrong or pleasantly surpised. I'm on the second month now and so far so good. But really good. Sorry to have under estimated something before trying it. There, I've learned a life lesson too. ;)

Lesley MacDonald | 2021-09-20 09:21:32

What a delight, I just got my autumn box. Thank you. I need to prevent catching all the awful sneezing on the trains and tubes. Everyone is sniffing. Ekk!

Elsie | 2021-09-09 10:59:00

I just saw this box yesterday at the John Bell press day. Its a fabulous concept, so I felt the need to say it. Fabulous concept!

Abbie Sinclair | 2021-09-02 14:59:09

Freakin love Autumn! This is a great idea. High five on a cool product bitches.

Eva McNeil | 2021-09-01 10:13:17

Yay! I love this box. I love autumn

Kelly-Marie | 2021-08-19 17:02:28

I know to be careful in the Autumn, because I catch colds so easily. This box feels like a little insurance policy for me

Desiree | 2021-08-18 12:54:55

I didn't know I could buy the autumn collection anytime? You should really make that clearer on your website. Otherwise I would have waited. But I got mine today. The collection is exceptional but I'm giving you a lower review as I thought I had to wait. Not impressed by that.

Danny | 2021-08-16 20:53:01

Can I get this box now? I just finished the summer box, which was good. But i really love your Autumn selection.

Paula | 2020-09-23 10:15:39

I'm really looking forward to this box. I tried it last year and really found it helped me. This year I'm getting one for my mum too.

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