Summer holiday destination – seaside series 1/2

Seasonal Health 7 August 2017

Episode #1– Beach Workout Routine 


Why not take advantage of your holiday by the sea to get your body in perfect shape?

Our health expert has created a short programme of exercises, quick and easy to implement while on holiday.


On a sunny beach…

There’s nothing like the power of the sea to improve your circulation and tone the body.

Water resistance increases the effort the muscles have to provide and the force of the waves has a draining effect on the body. 

Walking in the water along the beach is like swimming lengths in a thalassotherapy pool, but at maximum power!

It’s ideal if you’re more of a “morning person”, as you can go to beach where you can be all alone, well, almost!


Get your thighs in shape

Walk with the water over knee level. No need to hurry, this exercise is effective no matter how fast your walk.

Our tip: Why not combine this exercise with a long discussion with your partner or best friend. You won’t feel the time passing and if the location allows it, you can walk several miles.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Tighten your buttock

With the water up to ankle level, do some side steps in one direction, and then in the opposite direction.

You can eventually combine it with a ball or frisbee game.


Water aerobics Exercises

Why not try a water aerobics course as it’s ideal for strengthening the whole body and making new acquaintances.

Why not organise your private session? You can even take the opportunity to sip on a detox cocktail!

With your back against the side of the pool, support yourself on your outstretched arms and do a series of scissors at different angles: vertically and then horizontally.

In the same position, get in to pedalling mode.


Beach Volleyball to get your figure in shape while having fun

A beach sport par excellence, beach volleyball has a number of benefits to help you get your figure in shape:

  • Constant running around to stop the ball from touching the ground burns a significant and regular number of calories
  • On the sand, your supports are changing non-stop, thereby eliciting help from the deepest muscles and enhancing the venous return. An excellent way of reducing the cushion effect
  • Stretching movements require the entire body muscles to be solicited: the calves and buttock for momentum and the back, shoulders and triceps to throw the ball.


Are you more of a dolce far niente type of person?

When on holiday, your main activity might be to perfect your tan… but a more toned body won’t do any harm.

Here are a few exercises you can do discretely while lying down on your beach towel


Exercise 1 – short version

While sitting on your towel with your hands by your sides, stretch one leg in front of you and bend the other one. By leaning on the foot on the ground for support, gently flex your arms and keep them still for 15 seconds. Get up and do this a few times.

This exercise will tone the back of the arms which is always welcome!


Exercise 1 – improved version

Have you mastered the previous exercise? Great! Now let’s move on to the pro version!

Lean on the foot of your bent leg to get the horizontal leg and buttock lifted slightly off the ground. The horizontal leg must remain straight. Stay in this position for 1 minute then rest. Repeat the exercise several times, alternating legs.

This exercise will work the front and back of the thighs, the buttock, the front of the arms and the shoulders, the chest and the abs at the same time.

All that without even moving from your towel… wow!


Exercise 2 – short version

Lie down on your back with your arms outstretched at a 90º angle to the body.

Bend your forearms vertically.

Lift your upper body by leaning on the elbows and staying in that position for 45 seconds.

This exercise is ideal if you want to work out your shoulders and tone the back of the arms.


Exercise 2 – improved version

Have you mastered the previous exercise? Great! Now let’s move on to the more difficult version!

Do the same movement by leaning on your heels and lifting your buttocks. Stay in that position for as long as possible. Rest and start again.

The full version of this exercise allows you to strengthen the whole back of the body: the back of the shoulders, upper back, lower back and buttocks.

After that, you won’t rest on your towel any longer…


Exercise 3

Lie on your side, stretch your leg with one hand supporting your head and the other in front of you for balance.

Lift both legs at a 45º angle. Repeat the exercise several times before changing sides.

This exercise will give you a trimmer waistline and tone your buttock…


Enjoy your holidays!