Spring Revival Using Feng Shui

Seasonal Health 15 May 2018



Spring is coming and nature will soon be able to show off its best features once again.. It’s time to take a look at our interiors so that we too can benefit from this new life, welcome uplifting energies, full of vitality and symbols of new beginnings. 

So I invite you to a full spring-cleaning of your house and office – sort things out, put things away, repair what needs repairing, throw out what you no longer need, do the dusting.. all the way from the cellar to the loft and even in the garage and garden! 

If you start to keep too many unnecessary things, you’ll give off a feeling of uncertainty for the future and that anything new, and better, is simply not meant for you. 


Spring corresponds to the East of our house or office – it’s the area of both health and family. In order to make this area more dynamic, the ‘wood’ element should be introduced which also encourages creativity and symbolises wealth. For example, you could introduce a healthy green and leafy plant, preferably with round leaves. You could also place recent, happy family photos or photos and images of springtime such as flowering trees.  

The number to encourage good energies in this area is the number 3, so place three of all objects.. three plants, three photos..

This area must be full of light, decluttered and clean and when well looked after, it will ensure a strong bond between all family members and look after the health of everyone.