Feng Shui Through The Seasons

Seasonal Health 11 December 2017


Are some seasons more important than others? What is distinctive about Feng Shui in the autumn in relation to the other seasons?

– Each season is characterised by a particular dynamic energy which can be found in the 5 elements.
 The current season is the perfect time to recharge some quality energy, with the element in question. And this has a powerful effect on prevention. In the same way that we do not wait until we have cavities before we brush our teeth, so the same is true: energy hygiene is fundamental upstream!

So, no – no one season is more important than the other.

– Particularities of Feng Shui in the autumn: The element Metal is associated with autumn, which is linked to the western and north-western orientations. These are therefore two zones of your living space or your work space, which favour layout in this season.

A different element will be associated with other seasons, and it will be linked to different orientations…