FENG SHUI: How our living space influences our wellbeing

Seasonal Health 31 January 2018

We are constantly looking for wellbeing in all areas of our lives. This is our aim when we build and decorate our homes and offices – but we do not always achieve the desired results. Indeed, there are places where malaise and problems coincide in our lives. But why?

Feng Shui has an answer to this… A living space with no harmony will be an obstacle to our success, our personal life and even our health.


What is Feng Shui?

It is a thousand-year-old discipline from China. Its objective is to foster positive energy in our living environments. Putting it into practice improves our quality of life.

Feng Shui studies how our environment affects us and how spaces influence our wellbeing and health.

What does Feng Shui take into account?

  • External elements (mountains, rivers, buildings, neighbourhoods, etc.)
  • Internal elements (furniture, colours, layout, etc.)

According to Chinese culture, everything that is part of the physical world possesses a vital energy: Chi.

Feng Shui is responsible for making the most of the Chi energy flow. If the energy flows harmoniously, it will fill the spaces and their inhabitants with positive waves; if it is unbalanced, it will create the same imbalance in the people who occupy the space.

With Feng Shui standards, we can organise and structure spaces so that energy flows harmoniously and brings balance to our lives.

The Feng Shui cycles

A little like spirals around which Chi articulates.
 These cycles are the seasons.

In Feng Shui we use the Chinese calendar, it consists of 5 seasons, each season lasting 73 days.

They are identified by the 5 elements:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

The 5th season is a season between seasons, a period of transition of 18 days, called the inter-season (element Earth).

So I would suggest you meet with us as the seasons advance for advice on Feng Shui. 



Precepts of the French School of Traditional Feng Shui (Paris)                      

Precepts of the Mastery School of Chinese Metaphysics (Adrien Silverstone International School, teacher of Tao art)                      

Lillian Too, internationally renowned for the transmission of traditional Feng Shui art, trained among the great masters of Asia