Eat To Beat The Cold and Flu

Ingredient Spotlight 21 November 2023

The cold and flu season is upon us, and now is the time to nourish our bodies with immunity nutrients to ward off those winter sniffles. Let’s dive into a range of natural but effective immune support ingredients, to keep those pesky coughs and colds at bay.

  1. Probiotics: could the secret to a healthy immune system lie within the gut?

Did you know that as much as 70% of our immune system resides within the gut and our gut bacteria communicate with immune cells influencing their function? Exciting research has shown that probiotics supplements in both adults and children may have immune-modulating effects, helping to fight coughs and colds, as well as speeding up recovery if infection hits (1-5). However, it’s important to note that probiotics work in a strain-specific manner, which means that only those used within studies showing immune support benefits will be effective. If you feel confused with the world of probiotics, Hello Day have got you sorted. Our Immunity Support supplement includes hand-picked key strains of probiotics shown in clinical trials to keep immunity strong when the infection hits (1-5)!

  1. Vitamin D: the winter supplement we should all consider

This sunshine vitamin is an often forgotten yet essential nutrient when it comes to immunity. As many as 1 in 6 adults and 20% of children have low vitamin D levels in the UK (6). Research has associated a low vitamin D status with an increased risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu. On average we obtain just a third of our vitamin D requirements from diet alone! Therefore Public Health England advises everyone in the UK to supplement with 10 µg vitamin D per day during Oct-Apil when it’s impossible to obtain enough from the sun. Hello Day have you covered with Immunity Support providing the government-recommended 10 µg of vegan vitamin D3.

  1. Echinacea: not just a beautiful plant

This purple flowering plant is more than just a pretty exterior, extracts have been shown to activate immune chemicals in the body that may help to fight off upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold. A meta-analysis showed that simply taking echinacea, could result in a 58% reduced risk of developing a cold, and if infection hit it could reduce the duration by about a day and a half (7). Hello Day’s Immunity Shield is the ultimate immunity tonic, providing extracts of echinacea. Simply mix into some warm water for a soothing immune support beverage.

  1. Elderberry extract: the ultimate immunity fruit

Elerberries come from a small bush with delicate white flowers otherwise known as elderflowers, and are commonly found in countries such as the UK and France. The flowers are widely used in cordials and liqueurs, whilst the berries are often used in juices and jams. Elderberries are creating the ultimate buzz in the health and wellness world. Aside from looking amazing with their deep purple hue, they have been traditionally used in syrups and as extracts for keeping immunity strong. These berries have been shown to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, with randomised controlled trials showing their extract may reduce the duration and severity of the common cold (8). Try Hello Day’s Immunity Shield supplement which provides elderberries to keep you fighting fit!

  1. Siberian ginseng: fight burnout and bolster immunity

Experiencing stress and fatigue? When we’re run down we’re more susceptible to falling ill when infection hits. Supporting our body with plant extracts such as Siberian Ginseng could be the solution to combatting burnout and warding off those pesky sniffles. Siberian Ginseng is a small species of woody shrub native to northeastern Asia. The root is the most commonly used component as it has the highest concentration of biologically active substances. Coined as an ‘adaptogen’ by scientists, which means that this plant may help the body adapt to various types of stresses, whether environmental or illness-related. Emerging research suggests that Siberian Ginseng may also have immune support effects, helping to alleviate symptoms of the common cold by stimulating the immune system. If you’re feeling run down, why not try Hello Day’s Immunity Shield supplement? A blend of plant extracts (including Siberian Ginseng) and nutrients to support immunity!



By Lily Soutter, Hello Day’s Resident Nutritionist, BSc Nutrition, MSc