Christmas Feng Shui

Seasonal Health 20 December 2017

Our surrounding environment has a direct impact on our well-being and most importantly on our mood, so as we take care of our homes, we are also taking care of ourselves! 

During the festive season, taking the time to decorate your home can also increase the positive energy and ‘good vibes’ that surround you and your family. So, this is a perfect excuse to spend time putting up fairy lights and tinsel all around your home for a truly festive atmosphere full of joy and happiness! 

Of course, for those celebrating, the Christmas tree is what everyone is really waiting for! So here is a little ‘Feng Shui’ guide to make your Christmas tree decorating just that little bit more unique…


Where should I put my Christmas tree and how should I decorate it?

According to Feng Shui, the direction in which your Christmas faces (North, South, East..) determines the shapes, colours and materials of your decorations. 


A South-facing tree should be associated with the colour green. This colour represents the element of wood, which feeds the fire represented by the triangular shape of the Christmas tree. So, for a south-facing Christmas tree, opt for red and green decorations, baubles and tinsel and don’t forget to add just a touch of yellow or gold. 

A south-facing tree will strengthen your self-image and reputation. 



A west-facing tree should be associated with the colour white, which itself is associated to children and creativity. Here, we keep to colours such as white, grey, metallic, a bit of yellow and gold and a touch of blue. 

A west-facing tree will improve your relationship with your children and help you with your personal development. 



Opt for black, white, blue or grey decorations.. 

A north-facing tree will have a positive impact on your professional life!  


North-east facing

Opt for earthy colours and colours such as red and yellow.. 

A north-west facing tree will enhance your wisdom! 


South-west facing

Opt for the same colours as for North-east facing trees, also adding symbols of love such as hearts.. this will strengthen the relationship with your loved one.. 


North-west facing 

Here again, opt for the same colours as North-East.. facing North-west will strengthen your friendships and if you have long been planning to travel, this will become a reality! 



Placing a Christmas tree at the heart of your home will improve general balance – opt for colours similar to those for a South-west and North-east facing tree. 


South-east facing

The associated element with this direction is wood, and therefore makes for a very good choice when placing your Christmas tree. 

Stick to colours such as red and light green with a touch of blue. 

A South-east facing tree with these colours will ensure wealth, prosperity and a good financial standing. 



Wood is also associated with this direction, however opt for colours such as dark green, brown, blue and even (currently very trendy!) copper, with an optional touch of red. 

An east-facing tree will favour the well-being of all and healthy relationships with parents, parents-in-law and all of your family relations.


What kind of Christmas tree should I choose? 

Try to find a natural Christmas tree, placed in a large pot to ensure that it stays healthy and feeds good energies into your home. 

Wishing you an exciting and wonderful festive season!
Merry Christmas!