Boosting Your Gut Health Over Winter

Seasonal Health 15 December 2023

Navigating gut health over the winter season can come with a whole host of challenges. The colder and darker weather often lures us towards energy-dense comfort foods. Although these hearty delights may provide warmth, they may also cause havoc with our digestive health. Here are 6 top tips to strike the balance between winter comfort and maintaining a happy and healthy gut…

  1. Embrace fibre-rich winter foods

As a population, on average we often fall short of meeting our recommended daily fibre requirements, consuming just over half of our targets. Fibre plays a vital role in nourishing our beneficial gut bacteria, helping it to flourish and grow. Embracing a diet full of wholesome fibre-rich foods, such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, pulses, nuts and seeds can be a great way to support gut health. Additionally, consider incorporating prebiotics, a special category of fibre renowned for effectively supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Try Hello Day’s Gut Harmony Balance supplement, which is designed to provide this beneficial prebiotic, specifically targeting the well-being of healthy gut bacteria.

  1. Enjoy fermented foods

Ever ventured into the world of fermented foods? These foods are backed with beneficial bacteria, and research indicates that regular consumption may help support digestive health (1). Why not try some fermented wonders such as sauerkraut, yoghurt with live cultures, kefir, kombucha or even Kimchi. They can add a delicious twist to meals, whilst introducing a whole host of beneficial bacteria into the gut which may ultimately boost digestive health.

  1. Consider probiotics

Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ that are well known to support gut health, but the perks don’t stop there! It turns out they also contribute to overall well-being. When on the lookout for a probiotic to support digestion, making an informed choice is crucial. Here at Hello Day, we’ve carefully created Gut Harmony Balance, a probiotic supplement aimed at elevating your digestive health. This blend includes essential strains of beneficial bacteria that actively create an environment in your gut that is less hospitable to harmful bacteria. And that’s not all, we’ve also created ‘Immunity Support’, another carefully formulated probiotic supplement featuring bacterial strains researched for their immune support benefits.

  1. Stay hydrated with warming teas

Did you know that maintaining adequate fluid intake throughout the day plays a crucial role in supporting digestive health? Water, contributes to softer stools, helping to prevent constipation. Staying hydrated during the colder months can be a challenge, but fear not! Instead of struggling with plain water, consider opting for a comforting, low-sugar beverage like a soothing fruit or herbal tea. Give Hello Day’s Immunity Shield supplement a try! It’s designed to enhance your water with nourishing goodness, providing a blend of plant extract and nutrients to support immunity and build resilience over the winter months. Plus it comes in a delicious passionfruit flavour. For effortless hydration, simply mix the sachet ingredients into warm water and enjoy!

  1. Manage stress

Stress can disrupt healthy digestion and for some can lead to pesky bloating, stomach pain and even altered bowel movements. Stress management can be just as effective as dietary changes when it comes to digestive health therefore taking a holistic approach is key (2). Feeling stressed, why not try a few deep breaths before a meal to calm the body and the mind?

  1. Keep moving

A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of sluggish bowel movements. Did you know that movement stimulates peristalsis within the gut, which are wave-like contractions moving everything along? A brisk walk or some simple stretches can help.



By Lily Soutter, Hello Day’s Resident Nutritionist, BSc Nutrition, MSc