Autumn-time is Grog-time

Seasonal Health 6 November 2021

This year, get ready to say a definite farewell to those seemingly never-ending sore throats, colds and accompanying heaps of tissues. As from the first signs of shivering, itchy throat or runny nose, make yourself a nice hot mug of traditional Grog.  


What is Grog? 

Grog is a hot and spicy drink ideal for stimulating the immune system. It is drunk steaming hot and can be customised to suit different tastes; mild, spicy, sweet or even with alcohol. Traditional Grog is easy to make and often uses rhum or other strong liqueurs such as Cognac, Calvados or Whisky.

When making an alcohol-based Grog, keep to a minimum of four tablespoons of alcohol (and be aware of the associated production processes!) — but for now, here is a non-alcoholic version of the recipe, suitable for all ages! 



Detox Grog: 1 cinnamon stick + 1 tablespoon honey + 1/2 lemon + fresh ginger 

The effectiveness of your Grog drink will depend upon the choice of ingredients – the following are therefore preferred:

Cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon, yellow in colour and easily crumbled by hand. The paler the colour, the better the quality whilst “organic” spices avoid the irradiation process and allow you to reap 100% of the benefits. 

Honey: ‘Raw’ unpasteurised honey ensures preservation of the naturally active enzymes. Here again, organic is preferred as it ensures that the pollinated flowers were not treated with chemical products such as pesticides and herbicides. 

Lemon: In order to be both juicy and packed with Vitamin C, the lemon should be picked when fully ripe, bright yellow in colour and of course, it should be organic! The skin should also be smooth rather than grainy and the lemon firm and heavy to hold. 

Ginger: Opt for fresh ginger over dried or preserved ginger, make sure it is firm (not soft nor wrinkly) with thick roots and thin skin. Surprise surprise, organic is recommended once again! 



  1. After washing the ginger and cinnamon, cut the ginger into slices and crumble the cinnamon stick into small pieces. 
  2. In a pan, bring water with the cinnamon and ginger to the boil. 
  3. Brew for five minutes, then decant the boiling water into a mug with a handle to avoid any burns. 
  4. Add one generous tablespoon of honey and the juice of the 1/2 lemon. 
  5. Drink your Grog nice and hot, and relax.. 


Why should Grog be drunk hot? 

Drinking ‘hot’ naturally increases your body temperature and through a little perspiration, allows toxins to leave your skin; your body’s first defence barrier. In doing this, you stimulate the detoxification process, a great way to tackle those autumn illnesses. 


The bathing ritual

Body heat can significantly increase toxin elimination and therefore before enjoying your nice hot Grog, take a relaxing hot bath (water around 38°C) for about twenty minutes. You can also add bath salts, ginger, clay or even vinegar!