5 Ways To Prepare Your Body For Summer

Seasonal Health 30 June 2022

As much as warmer and brighter days are loved, the summer season can bring challenges of its own. This season comes with an increased pollen count, more heat and UV exposure from the sun, and longer days.

Prepare your body for the summer ahead with these top 5 nutrition tips:

Sun Prime: 30 Capsules £27
  • ONE: Protect your skin with these plant chemicals

The sunnier days bring higher levels of UV rays which can cause damage to skin cells and premature ageing. It’s well established that we should protect our skin with sunscreen, however exciting research suggests that what we eat may over time offer some degree of protection too (1). Plant pigments called carotenoids are present in the skin and can fight harmful free radicals from UV rays which would otherwise have damaging effects.

Beta-carotene is the yellow and orange pigments of carrots, mango and sweet potato.  Lycopene is the red plant pigment found in tomatoes and watermelon. Whilst these carotenoids are not a replacement for suncream, an optimal supply can provide a degree of photoprotection and ultimately maintenance of skin health and appearance (1). Always remember to wear your daily broad-spectrum SPF.

Try: Sun Prime which provides a variety of antioxidant nutrients to help support the skin barrier.

Passion Stimulate: 60 Tablets £24
  • TWO: Support energy and stamina

Energy is an absolute must to carry us through the extended summer days. Maca root extract has been shown to improve physical energy and stamina, and some research suggests that maca can modestly tweak sexual desire after 6 weeks of ingestion (2,3). Maca is a root vegetable belonging to the brassica family and resembles a turnip. It’s from Peru grown-up high up in the Andes where only a few plants can survive.

Try: Passion Stimulate containing maca root, ginger, magnesium and zinc for that endurance you need.

Circulation Activate: 21 Sachets £27
  • THREE: Beat swollen ankles and feet

In the summer, warm weather and prolonged standing can cause heavy, tired swollen ankles and feet. Researchers discovered that French farmers were making infusions from vine leaves to treat their heavy swollen and painful legs. Therefore an extract from red vine leaves was analysed and showed improvements in leg-vein circulation, and appeared to reduce tired, aching legs that often accompany prolonged standing or sitting (4). Red vine leaves are a rich source of plant chemicals called flavonols which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits on venous tissue.

Try: Circulation Activate containing red vine leaf extract to manage those tired and swollen summer feet.

Digestion Shape, 21 Sachets £30
  • FOUR: Support digestion and shape up for summer

In the lead up to the summer months, there’s often a desire to de-bloat and effectively managed weight in preparations for those beach holidays. Artichoke leaf extract may provide relief from symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, nausea and heartburn (5). Furthermore, indigestion sufferers taking artichoke leaf extract daily for six weeks have shown a reduction in symptoms, such as flatulence and uncomfortable feelings of fullness (5). Artichoke contains a special compound called cynarin which can stimulate bile flow, ultimately supporting gut movement and fat digestion (6). Furthermore, alongside a balanced diet and exercise, green tea extract might actually help you to get into shape faster (7)!

Try: Digestion Shape containing artichoke extract, green tea, broccoli extract and l-glutathione to support digestion, elimination and shape.

Immunity Defence: 30 Chewable tablets £24
  • FIVE: Seasonal allergies

Allergies such as hayfever can intensify during the summer months with an abundance of tree and grass pollen. From itchy watery eyes to a runny nose and fatigue, those frustrating symptoms are far from a trivial problem. Studies have shown that glycoprotein from quails eggs called ovomucoids are a fast-acting natural solution, providing symptom relief within as little as 15 minutes (8)! These compounds bind to allergens blocking their ability to exert effects on immune cells. This action prevents the release of histamine and other chemical mediators which would otherwise cause allergy symptoms.

Try: Immunity Defence is the only quail egg-based fast-acting natural solution for the whole family, and can be taken by both adults and children.

Lily Soutter

Written By:
Lily Soutter
Resident Hello Day Nutritionist
BSc Nutrition, Msc


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By WRITTEN BY: Lily Soutter, Resident Hello Day, Nutritionist BSc Nutrition, Msc