3 tips to counteract summer holiday indulgence…

Seasonal Health 14 September 2018

1. Detox

This should really be your first plan of action to help your liver and digestive system to eliminate toxins.

Toxins not only cause fatigue but also encourage water retention, which can cause further weight gain.

Traditionally, our grandmothers often used rosemary, chrysantethum or lemon balm to make draining teas. These teas boosted liver function whilst tamarin was used to support intestinal transit. 

One sachet of Hello Day’s Digestion Cleanse per day, for 15 days, will bring you all the benefits of the plants mentioned above. This ‘modern’ version has a pleasant taste and is easy to use. 


2. Rebalancing your diet 

Following healthy and balanced diet will allow you to quickly lose any accumulated ‘summer weight’ and boost your energy. 

During very busy periods, try to stay on track and avoid junk food and ready made meals. Remind yourself of all your good intentions from last year – prepare your own healthy meals in the evening and bring your leftover lunchbox to work the next day! 

 The ideal lunchbox

Protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, soya, cheese): These will form the essential ‘building blocks’ for your muscles, hair and neurones. Protein will also leave you feeling full and satisfied. 

– Low GI starches (wholegrain rice, lentils, dried beans, chickpeas, quinoa): These slowly digested carbohydrates avoid insulin stimulation (the hormone responsible 

for fat storage) and allow energy to be released throughout the day which helps you to avoid needless snacking.

– Fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibre. 

– Healthy fats such as olive oil or sliced avocado.


3. Getting back to the gym 

As school starts again, the first thing you’ll probably do is sign your children up to dance or karate lessons… but don’t stop there! You also need to get moving!

For sure, it’s not easy finding the time.. and yes all those daily chores are tiring.. but trust me, it’s mostly nervous and psychological tiredness!

They certainly don’t help you to maintain muscle, nor to stimulate anti-aging hormones or increase endorphine release.

 Dedicating only two hours per week to one type of intense exercise (weight training, cross-fit, cycling, running) is more than enough to help you feel more confident about your slimmer and more toned figure, but also to make you more capable and efficient in every day life!

Those two hours will be far from being a waste of time and are in fact a great ‘time investment’, helping you to gain an incredible amount of time.