Immunity Defence

WINNER for the ‘Best New Specialty Health Product‘ in the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2021 + ‘Editor’s Choice’ in the 2022 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards

Suffering from pesky seasonal hay fever allergies? How about pollen allergies, cat/dog dander, dust mites, ragweed or eczema flareups? Immunity Defence is the only natural histamine blocker in the U.K. to provide fast-action relief in 10-15 minutes. Fast, effective, 100% natural, backed by independent clinical trials and our satisfaction guarantee.

30 chewable tablets
UK Exclusive Patented Formula

Key Benefits

  • Clinically Proven: Results of the Randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled study results are published in the Food Science & Nutrition Journal 2014 and backed by our satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast-action Relief: Dissolvable/chewable tablets penetrate the blood system quickly via the mouth meaning a 10-15 minute response time
  • Safe: Good for all ages, including children. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Clinically proven to reduce eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)


Key Ingredients

Natural Ovomucoid Quail’s Egg Extract


Natural & Free From

We are committed to selecting the finest quality natural, environmentally-friendly and active plants, vitamins and minerals.

Hello Day products are based on ingredients such as natural vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • GMO free
  • No Nano Particles
  • TIO2 free
  • Preservative free
  • Natural ingredients only
  • Natural flavours & colours
  • Vegetarian

This is a unique product as it’s completely natural, but clinically-proven to provide quick allergy relief. You must remember to let it dissolve on your tongue to ensure it works properly.

Lily Soutter



Questions? We have answers.

If you need further advice, please use our LIVE chat option or contact us on customer service:

Please take as part of a healthier way of life and not as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Never exceed the recommended daily dose. Do store in a cool, dry place, away from light and out of the reach of the young children.

  • How many of your natural allergy relief tablets can I take per day?

    You can take up to 10/day. On high pollen count days, start by taking two tablets before leaving your house. Top-up with single tablets as you need throughout the day. Remember to let the tablets dissolve in your mouth without chasing with water.
  • Do you have any scientific research to prove the effectiveness of your natural allergy relief supplement?

    Yes, we have the results of the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Food Science & Nutrition Journal in 2014. (Summary results show: decreased nasal congestion -18%, rhinorrhea -30%, watery eyes -20%, itchy eyes -24%, itchy nose -17%.) The test candidates were subjected to a wide range of allergens during the study, meaning the results could be higher when someone comes into contact with just one particular allergen.
  • What flavour are your natural allergy relief tablets?

    Our Immunity Defence chewable tablets have a pleasant orange flavouring.
  • When can I expect to feel allergy relief from your natural hayfever tablets?

    You should expect to feel a reduction in your typical allergy symptoms in approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Is your hay fever allergy relief supplement safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding:

    Yes, our Immunity Defence is safe under both circumstances.
  • Is your natural allergy relief supplement safe for children?

    Yes, our Immunity Defence is safe for all ages including young children. In fact, we had children in mind when creating our dissolvable tablets as we know some children struggle to take tablets. Our tablets sit on your tongue and easily dissolve in less than a minute.
  • Why is this product recommended for atopic dermatitis/eczema?

    There is a direct correlation between some environmental allergies and atopic dermatitis. In independent clinical trials, Immunity Defence has been proven to show a reduction in the surface area affected by an eczema breakout, especially in young children. Feel free to request more information about the studies and results.
  • Is your natural allergy relief supplement suitable for vegans?

    This is our only non-vegan product. However, this product is suitable for vegetarians.


Your wellbeing means everything to us!

Write A Review

Sebastien | 2024-03-08 17:06:00

Great news! your best product with new flavor is now available for order. Enjoy your hay fever season!

Madelyn | 2023-06-09 12:16:04

BEST product EVER but you've been out of stock for months now. (hence my 2 star rating) Please get it back soon. I need it now.

Emma | 2023-03-16 12:05:14

This helps me with my symptoms

Bree | 2023-02-02 10:47:52

Why doesn't anyway talk about allergic rhinitis? I suffer so badly during the winter months. I have to take an antihistamine at night, otherwise I feel like I'm choking. I take your product during the day, which has abosulutely made such a different for me. This is so much more than a hayfever product. When speaking to your customer service, appearetly I'm not the first to ask if it can help. So I'm telling other people who have the same annoying situation, that this product works!

Cindee Mooreland | 2022-12-01 15:37:56

Am I the only one ordering this product in December? What the H*ll is happening with my allergies this year. At least this works.

Carly | 2022-10-11 10:13:30

I cannot rate your product highly enough for my daughter and I. It has given us our summer back !

S. Morley | 2022-07-13 15:57:11

I have found the tablets really helpful. Better than anything I have ever taken before and I have had hayfever for about 50 years! I will order as soon as I am in need again. Thank you!

Stanis | 2022-06-23 14:30:19

This product helps me every year. Thank you.

Jeanine | 2022-06-17 12:25:11

Look, I'm gonna say it. They are expensive, which I don't like but they work. So I'm only giving 4 stars for the price. (This is my protest) But, I'll give you credit for a good product. I jusrt wish they were cheaper.

Necdet | 2022-05-09 14:39:41

Bloody expensive but it works! Thats all I care about. This hay fever has been a real bully.

Dimitris Bibicos | 2022-04-22 11:53:35

Bloomin heck, this hey fevr has me going mad. I find your product expensive by its the only thing that works for me. Please make it cheaper.

Alina | 2022-04-12 11:14:31

I bought this product after meeting you at the NOPE trade show last weekend. I can report back that it has certainly helped me. Great product.

Louise Maxwell | 2022-04-05 09:49:32

I bought this product last week and I already feel the difference. I'm sure the cold weather is also surpressing the pollen, but I think your tablets are certainly helping. Its a happy purchase for me.

Sherrilynn | 2022-02-01 11:12:18

Bloomin heck, I've been so bogged down with allergies lately. I've had such a time with sneezing this winter only to find out it's probably dust, well thats what the internet would have me beleive. These tablets have helped me but my husband says I should just dust the house more. Like he's ever lifted a duster in his life. I'd prefer to take your little pills than do more housework. Life's too short.

Matthew | 2021-12-31 23:47:29

Immunity Defence is an excellent product for allergies. Please continue to always produce this product. It is unique and effective. Let’s hope that all allergy sufferers find out about Immunity Defence.

Jennifer Cantwell | 2021-11-29 15:55:16

I love these in the summer. In fact I wouldn't be without them. But I found them helpful just last week in the middle of Novemeber. I was suffering from itchy throat, runny nose, etc... things I's associate with my hayfever. When i made the connection between the similar symptoms i tried your product and it worked. Then i did some 'Dr Google' searching and realised its probably dust allergies and mould allergies. I never had this before, but I also read that allergies can develop. Anyway, just to say, your product helped a lot.

Sibel | 2021-10-05 14:51:24

oh heck my sinuses are nuts. I only realised it was hayfever to ragweed. I've never had it before, like ever. So I was shocked to get it last week. This product helped a lot.

Jessie | 2021-08-17 12:51:24

Longest summer of allergies ever. I didn't think I'd be buying more of these pills this late in the year, but they work great. Highly recommend them to my fellow squeezy, itchy-eyed friends. Keep fighting the battle.

Dannie | 2021-07-01 10:17:47

I didn't even know what hay fever was until this year. Misery. I hope its my first and last year to have this crap. Anyway my friend let me try your product, then I bought my own. Its very good, becuase the itchiness was driving me crazy.

Jessica Booth | 2021-06-16 17:19:30

I bought this last year and didn't use it. I searched for it in my cupboard this week as my allergies have been awful. So I can honestly leave this review and say this product has helped me. Only thing, I wish you did a larger pack as 30 pills isn't much when you have a week like this. Maybe something to consider?

Daniel Rose | 2021-06-14 17:24:49

This product works well on light hay fever days. On really bad days I find I need to take quite a few of your pills or something stronger. But overall, its very useful.

Doreen | 2021-06-07 16:17:47

I never even knew this product existed until my coworker told me about it. It has been so good to curb my allerges.

Jules | 2021-05-18 12:11:15

My face has been EXPLODING this year. This product is helping so much.

Jason Marks | 2021-05-13 14:45:07

The pollen is awful this year! Your product ready helps.

George | 2021-04-15 14:24:19

This is such a great product. Shame I am just discovering it this year. Better later than never. I'm certainly less sniffly.

Daniel | 2021-03-23 10:14:35

Great product.

Jonathan | 2021-03-09 18:06:52

FFS Can't believe my allergies have started already, whats that about.

Shanie | 2021-02-18 13:40:18

Here we are in February, but I just stocked up again. This will be my 3rd year using your product. Its pricey but good.

Cecelia Evans | 2020-11-25 13:02:25

RAGWEED!!!!!!!! It just killed me this season. Why? I don't understand these things, but this month has been horrendous for me. Running nose all day, every day. This product is the only thing that helps me. God, I hate ragweed season.

Paula | 2020-09-23 10:18:17

I've just ordered this again. I thought my hayfever was behind me, but there's certainly something in the air these days thats making me sniffle again. Out comes the box of tissues.

Karl | 2020-08-25 10:56:29

Didn't see much of a difference. My allergies have not decreased, I sneeze just as much. Disappointed...

Abigail | 2020-08-25 08:56:38

I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for this magical product. I absolutely swear by it and now have my sister taking it too.

Jess Reed | 2020-08-14 15:25:04

Well this has been the longest hay fever season in memory, but your tablets are really helpful.

Tracey | 2020-07-08 10:09:45

Have pity of us allergy sufferers. It works really well but I do find it expensive. The product is 5-stars but the price is a big issue for me.

Jessica Leigh | 2020-07-08 09:33:53

I don't normally believe in natural remedies but your ad caught my attention. The product is good and I don't feel sleepy.

Nick Marshall | 2020-07-01 15:48:45

This must be the longest hay fever season I've ever experienced. These tablets really work.

Alex | 2020-06-22 07:52:31

This is the worst hay fever year I've had in years. This product definitely helps. I wish there were more in the pack. But its helping for sure.

Alison | 2020-06-09 17:22:33

Can't live without this now, it has helped my hayfever 100% and I don't need to use other supplements alongside it. I recommended it to two friends so far and they have ordered it to. Love it and will continue to buy. Thank you for an amazing product that works for hayfever at last!

Charles | 2020-06-02 14:28:24

My wife always brings stuff home for me. This stuff is good. My allergies aren't as bad since taking it.

Vivien | 2020-05-28 18:13:28

My son has started taking just 2 tablets a day for the last 2 weeks and already feels as if his hay fever symptoms have alleviated considerably. So far so good, shame there’s only 30 in a packet but will definitely order some more.

Karen Jessome | 2020-05-27 09:10:28

This is the first season in years where I'm not constantly sniffing, no scratchy throat, no watery eyes. Genius product.

Mary Stevens | 2020-05-26 10:35:03

I have bought many things for my 17 year old son to help his allergies. Nothing really helps him but this is the FIRST product he asked me to get again. Thats saying something.

Karen Fraser | 2020-05-22 08:24:52

These are good, but I wish you would say CHEWABLE tablets in big writing. I don’t know this until half way through the pack. Big difference when I chew them. Then they're great.

Jess Haralambous | 2020-05-21 15:15:09

I have the worst allergies ever since I was a kid. I have prescribed medications from my GB and even they aren’t 100%. I’ve tried your product to top-up mine on really bad days as my doctor says I shouldn’t double-up on the dosage. It seems to help. I can’t give you more than 4 stars as I don’t know how they work alone. But they’re helping me.

Jen Mason | 2020-05-18 15:12:32

I have tried maaaaaaaaaany ‘natural’ allergy pills. Nothing worked well enough to try again. In fact, I almost exhausted the natural route until my friend mention your product. I think she got it at an event or as a gift? Luck for me she doesn’t have allergies so I got it. It’s very good.

Jessica Milner | 2020-05-15 08:46:27

Did you change the flavour? I don’t remember it being vanilla? But I guess it has been over a year now since my last purchase. Regardless, this is a great product. Thank you.

Suzanna | 2020-05-13 11:01:16

I have used this product for the last 3 years! It makes hay Fever season bearable.

Paula | 2020-04-28 14:56:51

Such a great little product! I'm only just discovering you now ---why?? My colleague told me to try your tablets. I got them last week, just in time for the weekend --blood brilliant! What a difference. Highly recommended.

Nick | 2020-04-22 15:45:40

I must say, spring is usually rough for me as pollens like to play with my immune system... This product is a lifesaver for those you suffer from the itchy nose, watery eyes, and more. And it's natural! definitely worth a try if you haven't yet.

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