Zoom On ‘Aphrodisiac’ Foods, Minerals, Herbs And Spices

Ingredient Spotlight 14 February 2018

Nature and science have shown that particular foods, minerals, plants and spices can have a positive impact on our bodies, including an ‘aphrodisiac’ effect.. Let’s get a close up on some of these and their surprising virtues!



Magnesium is one of the five most important minerals. It has a natural yet powerful relaxing and anti-stress effect and helps to regulate heart rate. A lack of magnesium can weaken the body’s systems as a whole, including those needed for sexual activity. However, sufficient daily intake of magnesium can strengthen and boost these systems by helping the body to relax and loosen up. So, a ‘winning combination’ when you want to spend a nice, relaxing time together!



Zinc is mostly known for its anti-oxidative effects. Zinc is our best ally against both cellular ageing and in disease prevention, whilst also having a positive effect on libido. It encourages testosterone secretion (male and female hormone) and in doing so, stimulates sex drive in both men and women. Zinc also increases blood flow towards sexual organs which can improve erection.


Foods rich in magnesium and zinc

Seeds and nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts etc) are all a great source of magnesium, whilst legumes and pulses (broad beans, green beans, lentils, peas etc), oat flakes and wholegrain foods contain a high amount of zinc.

The combination of magnesium and zinc has a powerful effect on libido by increasing arousal and production of sex hormones.

Seafood is also a very good sexual stimulant, with oysters having the highest zinc content..


As well as its high magnesium content, cocoa also contains theobromine, a stimulant similar to caffeine found in coffee or nicotine found in tobacco. It also contains a molecule called ‘phenylethylamine’, otherwise known as the “love hormone”..

Just make sure not to finish the entire chocolate bar in one go! Remember to keep some for tomorrow evening as well..



Maca is a root crop that has been used for its medicinal values by the Incas for centuries. Much more than just an aphrodisiac, Maca also has a direct effect on fertility and the functioning of both female and male reproductive organs. Acting on the sex drive of both men and women, it can therefore improve sexual activity..

Maca is a great way to increase libido and fall pregnant. It can also help women prepare for pre-menopausal stages.



Ginger is a spice used in both savoury and sweet recipes, in a variety of ways, for its unique flavour as well as its numerous health benefits. As well as its beneficial effects on reducing nausea, inflammation and boosting the immune system, Ginger can also have an aphrodisiac effect.. It stimulates all of our senses and very gradually increases body temperature, guaranteeing the perfect intimate atmosphere for Valentine’s Day.. 



Just like ginger, many other spices are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Often bright and vibrant in colour, spices are full of antioxidants and can be used in infusions, in a variety of recipes or simply enjoyed on their own.

For example, saffron is known for its stimulating effects on erogenous parts of the body which are particularly sensitive to sex hormones.

Cloves and Cayenne pepper both increase blood flow to genitals which improves erection.

Vanilla and coriander have a euphoric effect and will get the night off to a good start with a cheerful and joyful atmosphere.

While it is recommended to keep salt consumption to a minimum, spices can be enjoyed without moderation! They increase sex drive and as well as being particularly tasty, they offer numerous health benefits and help to prevent serious illnesses, including cancer.


So, now it’s your turn to get those spices out of the cupboard and put a bit of ‘love’ into your cooking..!