Essential plants for a weight-loss programme

Ingredient Spotlight 19 July 2018


Eleuthero and maca

These plants help to maintain a good hormonal balance, to fight against physical fatigue, regulate fat levels and deal with stress. 



This plant is not only has cholagogue functions but also choleretic, cholesterol-lowering, hypolipidemic and diuretic properties. 

As a hypoglycemiant, it stops you from ‘nibbling’ by regulating the blood sugar level. 


Green tea

Green tea supports the hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, lipolitic and diuretic functions of artichoke. It acts on fat storage throughout the body by increasing fat lysis and therefore acts simultaneously on weight control.  


Red vine

A venotonic agent, red vine reduces the permeability of capillaries and veins, therefore also strengthening them and encouraging blood circulation. Also a diuretic, it encourages waste elimination and water stored in body tissue. It helps to refine body shape and helps to fight against weight gain. 

All of these plants ‘trap’ free radicals and prevent inflammation and the damaging of skin and vein tissue. They also act on collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis. They help the skin stay firm by encouraging venous return and reducing the ‘orange skin’ effect. 


A combination of these plants is therefore essential for a successful weight-loss program, which should be followed for about one month along with a generally healthy lifestyle. It can be followed about two to three times a year if necessary and prevents excess weight gain. 

In case of fluctuating cholesterol or blood sugar levels, it can also be accompanied by cholesterol lowering medicines to help with reducing this fluctuation. 


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