Black Spruce essential oil – Part 1

Ingredient Spotlight 2 November 2018

As Autumn arrives, our workload increases and the first signs of fatigue and stress begin to appear. It gets colder and more humid, making it the perfect conditions for viruses and joint problems. 

Black spruce essential oil has numerous properties allowing it to take care of these problems. 

This oil is combined with the plants and vitamins used in our Autumn Box (Immunity Shield, Digestion Cleanse, Vitality Balance)  and has no side effects. 

Part one: Properties

Black Spruce essential oil (Picea Mariana. M, Abiétaceae) is obtained by using water vapour to distill spruce tree needles (similar to pine needles). This conifer tree is native to Canada and also grows in Alaska and North America, favouring humid and marshy regions. 

This essential oil has a softer and more pleasant smell than other essential oils also extracted from conifers. 

There are no particular precautions and is suitable for both adults and children over 7 years. 

It can be administered by dermal route, dry or humid inhalation and atmospheric diffusion. 

The oil is made up of the following: 

  • Bornyl acetate (35-40%), with anxiolytic, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxing and spasmolytic properties. 

Bornyl acetate soothes joint pain (rheumatism, arthritis) and muscular contractions (muscle soreness, lower back pain, stiff neck). It also takes care of numerous inflammatory conditions (skin rash, sore throat). 

  • Alpha pinene (12-13%), with anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and invigorating properties also able to clear respiratory airways. 

This component acts against different types of bacteria including those resistant to antibiotics. Its anti inflammatory action complements that of the Bornyl acetate. This essential oil is therefore recommended when suffering from respiratory conditions, spasms (cough, period pain, gut cramps) or from joint pain.

  • Camphene (15%), also with anti infection properties. 

This essential oil is recommended for those suffering from respiratory conditions (cough, period pain, gut cramps), joint pain, muscle cramps, painful ‘heavy’ legs and stress. 

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