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Immunity Defence is made using quail eggs - a powerful weapon against allergies.

Hello Day’s Immunity Defence food supplement tablets offer a natural & effective solution for the symptoms of seasonal allergies. They combine zinc and quail egg to build up a weak immune system and help fight against environmental and seasonal intolerances, relieving the symptoms of hay fever, pollen, pollution and certain animal allergies.

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Fast acting and totally natural, it is suitable for the whole family.

is free from gluten, lactose, GMOs, preservatives, pesticides, nano particles, artificial flavours and artificial colourings.

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The Science Behind Immunity defence

Immunity Defence acts as a natural histamine blocker. The active ingredient is a unique bioactive derived from quail eggs called ovomucoids, a glycoprotein known as a trypsin inhibitor of the serine protease family. It works by preventing allergens from activating the immune cells, this blocks the release of histamine, the molecule which causes the allergy symptoms so many of us will recognise - runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. China & Japan have been successfully using quail eggs to treat seasonal allergies & inflammatory diseases for centuries.

How does it work?

Efficiency has been demonstrated by a consumer study in California (USA)

A proprietary blend of quail egg for the attenuation of nasal provocation with a standardized allergenic challenge: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Food Science & Nutrition 2014.

Comparison of Allergy Sympton Scores during the 120-minute follow up vs placebo (N=43)

NASAL OBSTRUCTION RHINORRHEA WATERY EYES ITCHY EYES ITCHY NOSE -18% -30% -20% -24% -17% Immunity Defence: Placebo:

* Statistically significant difference between groups (p<0.05)

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It.
Immunity Defence Testimonials:
  • “The only product on the market – and I’ve tried it all - that gives me near to instant relief from my hay fever, something I didn’t think was possible!”
    Imogen, 28yo
  • “I love Spring but for me it marks the beginning of lots of sneezing and itchy noise. I can’t go through the season without medication to calm my allergic reactions. I gave Immunity Defence a go because it’s natural and it promised instant relief. Well I’m not disappointed, it works! An absolute game changer for me, it quickly relieved my reactions and made a huge difference.”
    Nicola, 43yo
  • “I play tennis and Spring is an important season for competitions. As soon as the days get warmer, I can feel my allergic reactions getting stronger, my eyes start to get sore, itchy and watery. I tried Immunity Defence when I had a strong allergic reaction and and I could feel an instant relief. It’s effective!”
    Romain, 14yo

How To Take Immunity Defence?

The effectiveness of Immunity Defence is dependent on how the tablet is ingested. Chew the tablet in your mouth until dissolved - Take the tablets outside of meal times - Do not take the tablet with meals. The active ingredient of Immunity Defence - Ovomucoids - are released and absorbed under the tongue for optimum efficacy.

The natural histamine blocker for fast allergy relief

Acts in 15 min

Drug free, no chemicals, no side effects

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