Taking control of your weight and figure

Specific Health Concern 18 July 2018

There’s a lot of ‘fake news’ and information flying around when it comes to weight-loss ‘diets’ and it’s often wrongly thought that weight loss is only achievable through diet or exercise. 

A reshaping, weight loss programme must in fact consist of five steps: 


Maintaining hormonal balance 

During menopause and peri-menopause, hormonal changes encourage the storage of fats around the abdomen and a slight reduction around the thighs. 

A good hormonal balance avoids high amounts of fats building up in the lower half of the body. 


Dealing with stress

Cortisol is a hormone which regulates the fat and glucose metabolism. It provides the entire body with energy, including the brain, and helps to deal with stress during short but intense periods. 

Unfortunately, a continually high level of cortisol secretion (for example when suffering from chronic physical, psychological stress or depression) can instead cause exhaustion and lead to fat and sugar storage in the body. Stress is especially damaging when trying to stay in shape, especially as stress and hunger are very often linked. 

Stress also encourages the synthesis of pro-inflammatory free radicals which cause disturb the metabolism. 


Reducing your fat intake 

This can be easily done by simply reducing the quantity of foods eaten containing high amounts of fats, and thereby limiting calorie intake from fats. 

It’s important to accompany this with increased bile-flow which will help to lower cholesterol levels, as well as fat and sugar storage.


Getting rid of waste and cellulite 

Cellulite is often a problem around the thighs, bottom, hips, arms or abdomen. Dealing with cellulite consists of encouraging blood circulation, draining toxins from the body using diuretics, acting against inflammation and reducing the  size of adipocytes (fatty cells). Combining this with manual or mechanical techniques increases results. 


Fighting against fatigue 

Paradoxically, both undertaking intense exercise and depriving the body from any exercise can encourage stress, fatigue and results in fat storage. 

For a ‘slimmer’ figure, a gentle one-hour walk every day, in an enjoyable environment will give best results. 

Vitamin and mineral supplements are also essential. 


Here you’ll find a weight-loss programme with a variety of plants, adaptable for the needs of every individual.