Quadruple Award Winning Celebration

Specific Health Concern 16 March 2020


We’re thrilled to announce, HELLO DAY has won FOUR prestigious awards, including three Editor’s Choice Awards at THE BEAUTY & WELLBEING SHORTLIST Awards 2020.

The Beauty Shortlist is a well-revered beauty & wellbeing blog highlighting and championing the best and cleanest products in the industry. Their distinguished wellbeing panel consisted of expert judges from the UK, USA and Australia, who spent the last six months making their selections. Winners were announced on March 2st. We are completely overjoyed to have been recognised with some truly fabulous health and wellbeing brands.


“We are thrilled with our four Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards. Wellbeing has become such an important factor for most people now and will continue to grow as awareness for high-quality natural remedies becomes more mainstream. After 3 years of development at HELLO DAY, it’s great for a young brand, such as ours, to have such wonderful & credible recognition,” says founder Sebastien Rumpler






Sleep Rest (Two years running)

Sleep Rest is a food supplement tablet that promotes relaxation and helps you sleep naturally. It combines natural ingredients such as Valerian to cope with a busy lifestyle and daily stress, and Lemon Balm for a positive mood and calm wellbeing.




Brain & Heart Maintain (Two years running)


Brain & Heart Maintain is a food supplement with Schizochytrium oil and a source of vegan Omega 3 fatty acids DHA which contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart.



Bioharmony Balance

Bioharmony Balance is a symbiotic dietary supplement to help improve digestive comfort and reduce flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain. It combines complementary ingredients such as carefully selected friendly probiotics, to restore the intestinal microbiota balance and act upon symptoms linked to irritable bowel syndrome, and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to stimulate good bacteria growth and improve transit disorders.



Vitality Balance

Vitality Balance is a food supplement capsule to help overcome the causes of fatigue. It’s made from a combination of ingredients including Magnesium, to help reduce tiredness, and Siberian Ginseng Roots with toning actions to improve mental and physical energy. Rhodiola helps you be physically and mentally alert while Passionflower induces calmness.







Hello Day is a unique collection of natural supplements designed to help you ‘roll through the seasons’. Founder Sebastien Rumpler, worked with a dedicated panel of experts to create the best possible natural health & wellbeing supplements. Each seasonal box contains four high quality products specifically tailored to the seasons to help anticipate and prevent the associated symptoms and manage your health.