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What is vitality?

Vitality is about feeling full of life and energy, both mentally and physically, through living a healthy lifestyle. Certain foods, a lack of exercise or the right work/life balance, and grey and chilly days can all make you feel as if you can’t be bothered to do anything; your muscles are heavy, and you get tired easily.

What are the common problems causing lack of energy?

There are many different reasons for feeling as if you lack vitality. Physical causes include anaemia, due to an iron deficiency – which can be common in women having periods, or sleep apnoea where snoring disturbs sleep and causes you to wake up throughout the night. Mental reasons include depression, which can make you feel as if you have no energy, and anxiety which can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Lack of vitality can sometimes be attributed to your lifestyle, such as drinking too much alcohol or having a bad diet, or factors out of your hands such as having to work late or looking after a young family.

How to get more energy

Certain foods can help lift your energy levels: unrefined carbs provide fast energy, while lean protein and healthy fats take longer to digest and give you more staying power. Always start the day with breakfast, even if you don’t feel hungry, and drink water regularly to stay hydrated. Some people rely on caffeine and energy drinks for an energy boost, but these are merely quick fixes to increase energy levels short term and can cause anxiety and sleep-related problems. Being active improves body, mind, heart and soul, and even a single 15-minute walk can give you an essential energy boost

You can also complement your diet with a natural energy supplement. Hello Day organic infusions and digestive enzyme supplements are carefully chosen for their efficacy and seasonal health benefits and formulated by doctors and pharmacists.

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