Spring box
About Spring Box
Your Spring Box contains four specially chosen and coordinated products with full instructions to help you get ready for the season ahead:

  • Vitality Balance: ingredients combine Magnesium and Siberian Ginseng to help reduce tiredness and causes of fatigue while strengthening mental and physical energy.

  • Libido Stimulate: ingredients combine Maca and Magnesium to help reduce fatigue, address loss of libido and promote desire.

  • Circulation Activate: ingredients combine Red Vine Leaf and Blackcurrant Berries to help improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure naturally.

  • Digestion Detox: ingredients include Fennel to support a healthy appetite and aid the digestive tract in a detox cleanse.

Stock up with additional Hello Day products or why not explore our range for products to help with allergies, stress and fatigue. Please note that our Spring Box is available as a limited quantity of 5,000 boxes. We therefore recommend that you place your order in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.
what's inside
Winter brings on a feeling of wanting to hibernate which leads to being less active, eating comfort food and generally becoming lethargic. With your legs feeling heavy and toes and fingers feeling cold, you may be wondering how to improve blood circulation or lower your blood pressure.
Over-indulging at Christmas and snacking to keep out the wintry cold and gloom can play havoc with our systems and lead to digestive problems. Now is the ideal time to spring-clean our bodies and eliminate toxins with a detox cleanse.
Stress, work pressures, illness and tiredness can all affect our natural desires and loss of libido. Sometimes we just need a natural sex drive and a little libido booster.
Exhausted….always tired…overworked by the niggles of everyday life? With Winter being such a long and trying period, stress and anxiety can easily pile up. Thankfully Spring is around the corner and the perfect time for you to feel recharged, renewed and revitalised.